Why DSA?

Our Students go to college after their graduation

DSA is encouraging all of their students to set their target to go to college after graduation. Our goal is all our graduates should join college and have better lives in their future.

Emphasizing on Math, Science and Computers

DSA is preparing students for college with a focus on Math, Science and Computers.

Learning Environment

With a 1:13 faculty-student ratio, DSA provides the best environment for students' education. There are no more than 27 students per class. Teachers have more time to help each student individually. Students have more chance to ask questions and get help.


DSA believes that discipline is one of the keys that open the door to success. Students are always monitored by more than 50 cameras inside and outside of the school. Our dedicated teachers also monitor hallways continuously, spending their break time with the students. Having around 300 student population, DSA Administration and teachers make sure that DSA is one of the best schools in the city in terms of discipline.

Instant Online Access to Students' Info

DSA students and their parents have a great opportunity to have School information called Student Information System and smart mobile application both for android and IOS phones.. Logging in DSA Database and Parent Mobile Application, parents are able to check their child's performance at school online. The following is what they can view using the informatino portal:

  • Grades, attendance, and discipline
  • Daily updated grades
  • Class schedule
  • Homework and due dates
  • Test results
  • Credits that their child has earned
  • Grades/Attendance reports