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Re-Enrollment Form

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Dove Schools Student Re-Enrollment Form

Dear Parents and Students: 

Thank you for your support of Dove Schools.  Due to the limited space for the upcoming school year, we ask each parent/guardian to fill out this form completly.  This form is designed for currently enrolled students to update their information and determine whether the are returning for the 2021-2022 academic year to Dove Schools.  The due date to turn in this form is Friday, February 5, 2021.  If the form is received unsigned, incomplete, or after the closing date, this may affect the student's enrollment status for the next school year.

Current Grade*
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Are you requesting transfer to another Dove campus for 2021-2022 Academic Year*
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If your child will be attending 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade or middle school next year, Dove Schools has two locations in South OKC and North OKC area for those grade levels. No transfer request needed if your child will be a high school student next year.  The transfer requests may be granted depending on the availability at the grade level sought.  If the number of requests are more than available spots, the district may need to conduct lottery for placement.  The results will be shared with the parents on/by March 12, 2021.  Please note that once the placement is finalized, the spot at the current location will be forfeited, as the School will be accepting new students for those openings.


If you've answered "yes" for the question above, please mark the campus you would like your child to attend.
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*New Campus Location for 2021-2022!

DSA-Elementary and DSA-MS will relocate to 5537 NW Expwy in Warr Acres (only 7 miles away)

Presently, where is the student living? (This section of the form is intended to address the McKinney-Vento Act. Your answers will help determine residency necessary for enrollment and ensure that certain needs will be met for this student.) Check one box.**
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Contact Information Update

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In addition to the parents/guardians listed on this form, please list any person allowed to have access to your child's records in order to discuss his/her discipline, academics or pick up your child if you are not available:

Re-Enrollment Declaration

I hearby certify that I am the parent and legal guardian or have obtained legal guardianship through the courts for this student.  I also certify that the information provided is accurate.  I understand that any false information, omissions, or misrepresentations of facts may result in rejection of this application or future dismissl of the student.

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