State Department of Education School Closure Update-Coronavirus

Dear Parents and Guardians,


On Monday, March 16th, the Oklahoma State Department of Education voted to close all public schools until Monday, April 6th. During this time, all instruction, assessments, and school activities will be paused. The OSDE Board will meet again in one week on Wednesday, March 25th, to review current situations and decide if schools will reopen as planned. 


Instruction and Grading

During the current shutdown, there will be no required work for students, and no grades will be recorded. This policy will most likely change if the school closures continue beyond April 6th. 


Before Spring Break began, Dove Schools prepared academic packets for all students in anticipation of this shutdown. These packets will not go into effect on Monday, 3/23 as planned, but MAY still be used IF the shutdown is extended beyond April 6th.


In addition to the many online educational resources our students already have access to, we will also be sharing additional optional resources for students and families on our websites and facebook pages.


Breakfasts and Lunches

Beginning next week, OKC and Tulsa Public Schools will be providing free “Grab and Go” meals for all students under age 18 at various campuses across the metro areas. Once the locations and times for these services are released, we will share the details.


Here are a few helpful websites for additional information:

Oklahoma Health Department. 


Oklahoma State Department of Education


OK Public School Resource Center Family Resources


As always, the safety and health of our students and families are our priorities. We strongly encourage everyone to follow the advice of the Center for Disease Control and local government to limit exposure whenever possible. We will continue to update you as we receive new information from state officials. 




Dove Charter Public Schools