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Why Dove?

Dove Schools is a public charter school system that promotes science, mathematics, and educational technology in school environments.


High Standards and Quality Education
Since the establishment of Dove Schools, we have continually striven towards maintaining the high academic standards that will powerfully propel us into the 21st century. Because of our supportive parents, the faculty and staff have guided our students beyond all community and state mandated expectations.

Our Commitment

The faculty and staff at Dove Schools diligently work to mold responsive, productive, and civic-minded individuals. The 1:15 faculty-student ratio ensures a “hands-on approach’ with attention placed on details. Because there are no more than 27 students per class, each class has an opportunity to become part of a productive learning community.

Why Choose Us
Strong Triad - Our great education we teach here starts with a strong student-teacher-parent relationship.
Quality Education - U.S. News & World Report honored Dove Science Academy OKC as one of “America’s Best High Schools."
High Standards - In addition to a math and science focus, strong computer and robotics programs are offered at Dove.
One-on-One Attention - We are able provide a great education due to our ability to teach one on one with students.
High College Acceptance - With a college acceptance rate of 100 percent, Dove has earned its reputation.